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Thoughts on "God Neon" and "Always Two"

We recently debuted the music video for our song “Always Two”.  This video is a companion piece to “God Neon” which was released earlier this year. In light of some reaction to the videos’ content, we wanted to offer these thoughts from director, Krista Liney:

 “The Always Two video incorporated a non-linear storyline that some people may find confusing. The beginning is the end.  I wanted to build suspense.  What happened to this person and why is she leaving?  After that, the remainder of the story unfolds.  In my treatment, I referred to the protagonist as "JENNY".  JENNY does not entirely, immediately garner sympathy.  She is living her life hard and we unfortunately do not have the benefit of knowing her full backstory.  She finds herself in an abusive relationship and self-medicates to numb the pain and heartache.  She is not your stereotypical, Hollywood portrayal of a "victim".  She is flawed, she is human - but she a victim nonetheless. Ultimately, she has a moment of clarity in the morning (beginning of the video) and summons the courage to leave.  I wanted this character to have the strength to walk away.  Be done.  Move on with her life.  And she does.  

In the grander conceptual picture, God Neon and Always Two were shot at the same time. They were to act as companion pieces of sorts; the characters overlap/intersect in both videos.

In God Neon, we follow a young man as he comes to the city and gets consumed by it. Always Two follows our girl as she escapes."

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