(Left to Right) Justin Buchanan, Jeremiah Zimmerman, Joshua Zimmerman, Chad Lee

(Left to Right) Justin Buchanan, Jeremiah Zimmerman, Joshua Zimmerman, Chad Lee

In live performance, [The Silent Comedy] grabs you (and everyone in the room) by the soul and leaps skyward with an ebulliently intoxicating, captivating passion...
— -Crave Online

While not always immediately visible, rock music has always formed the foundation of the Silent Comedy. Brothers Jeremiah and Joshua Zimmerman, who were fans of bands like Rage Against The Machine and At The Drive-In during their teenage years. After selling all their possessions and traveling the world with their preacher father, the boys first delved into band life via joint membership in a punk and post-hardcore act. But, upon forming the Silent Comedy, their songwriting began to incorporate the folk, gospel, Americana and blues they were raised with. Word of their wild live performances spread, leading to years of grassroots touring, and eventually, to being included on bills with a diverse range of artists including Dave Matthews Band, Queens of the Stone Age, Mumford and Sons, Arctic Monkeys, Vampire Weekend, Dropkick Murphys, Devotchka, Ryan Bingham, The Heavy, ZZ Ward, and more.

In keeping with their DIY tradition, the band recorded and self-released several albums for their growing fan base, including the 2010 release Common Faults. The organic spread of this album led to a variety of film and TV placements including commercials for Volkswagen, Cinemax’s Strike Back, Namco Bandai’s Dark Souls video game, CBS’s Reckless, the CW’s The Originals, the History Channel’s Hatfields & McCoys and Men Who Built America series’ and more. The band also found themselves in the studio with legends like the Dave Matthews Band’s Boyd Tinsley, recording original music for his film, Faces In The Mirror. Still, all throughout, their live show was centered on its rollicking, over-the-top energy. To that end, the Zimmerman brothers felt their studio efforts needed to better match their live persona, and turned to Grammy-nominated, Austin-based, producer Chris “Frenchie” Smith to capture the band’s evolving sound. The resulting series of studio sessions led to a body of work that includes the latest EP, Friends Divide, and an upcoming full length.

“It was only a matter of time before we fully embraced our rock n’ roll roots,” Josh says.  Adds Jeremiah: “The farther we kept going, we realized the stuff that was more interesting to us was the more energetic and rock-focused material. Our energy has been our biggest asset. We wanted to put that on a record.” “All of our recording has been a struggle to get this energetic feeling,” Josh says. “I finally feel we’ve captured it.”

Known for their wild live shows, which bristle with energy (as well as bristles)…
— Esquire UK

"God Neon" Music Video

Friends Divide does not disappoint. Although it only holds six tracks, including the hard-hitting single “God Neon”, Friends Divide is a deep album with interesting arrangements and a unique blend of Americana, Rock n’ Roll, Blues and Folk.
— - Grateful Web
The most recent release from The Silent Comedy, Friends Divide, continues to showcase their irrepressible style whilst demonstrating their determination to be seen and heard the world over.”
— The Front Row Report