Brothers Jeremiah (L) and Joshua (R) Zimmerman

Brothers Jeremiah (L) and Joshua (R) Zimmerman

The Silent Comedy built a reputation over years of grassroots touring as a wild, raucous, folk-rock band. At its core, however, the project is built around the simple power of the interplay between the voices, and songwriting, of its frontmen; brothers Joshua and Jeremiah Zimmerman. This dynamic is the key to the most emotional impactful material of The Silent Comedy, so the brothers eventually cultivated a performance setup that strips the full band trappings away and focuses instead on the intimacy of their harmonies.  Over t the brothers began performing more as a duo (sometimes under the moniker Brothers Grim) to give Silent Comedy fans a unique experience and play in a variety of environments not suited for the full band show.

The brothers perform "Beware" at The Underground Studio in Hotel El Ganzo, as Artists In Residency.

-Cabo San Jose, Mexico


The Silent Comedy has a devoted fanbase, built largely through their licensing placements with History Channel, CBS, Cinemax, Volkswagen, ESPN, CW, and more. That exposure continues to grow, with their track Bartholomew currently serving as the theme song of the Golden Globe winning Billy Bob Thornton show, Goliath (recently renewed for a second season). The band has a new full length album slated for release in late 2017, and is currently recording an acoustic EP.

Joshua and Jeremiah Zimmerman of The Silent Comedy, perform a TSC Classic, "Road Song" at their studio.